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Sample Surveys

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Buyers Advice Inspection (Type 0)


  1. Brief in water inspection of vessel to give advice whether and how to proceed with the purchasing process, i.e. dry docking for full condition survey, making an offer.
  2. Advise on vessel repair, maintenance and upgrade.
  3. Discussion of value and repair costs.

Boat Safety Scheme Inspection (Type BSS)


  1. Inspection of vessel for compliance against BSS Examination Checking Procedure, see
  2. Rectification advice and re-inspection if necessary
  3. BSS Examination Report, Status Report, Appliance Record, BSS Certificate

Fuel System, Engine Mounts & Exhaust, Electrical Installation, LP-Gas Installation, Fires Extinguishers, Appliance Safety, Ventilation.

Wide beam canal cruiser BSS Examination.

Hull Only Insurance Survey (Type 1)


  1. Statement about the insurability for the next 5 / 7 years of the hull and stern gear only
  2. Recommendation and advice regarding the repair and maintenance of the hull and stern gear
  3. Report on findings

Note: Generally applicable for static house boats.
For cruising vessels, some insurance companies accept a Type 1 survey plus a BSS Certificate
Hull Integrity: Hull plating incl. ultrasound thickness test, weld / rivet condition,
Hull penetrations, cathodic protection, underwater paint scheme,
Internal hull condition, stern gear, ballast.

This converted 1897 Jubilee Racing Spritsail Barge Hull, found derelict, was completely restored at MSO with our oversight.

Vessel Insurance Survey (Type 2)

Aim: As Type 1 plus

  1. Statement about the insurability for the next 5 / 7 years of the vessel including cruising purposes
  2. Recommendation and advice regarding the repair and maintenance of the insured vessels
  3. Report on findings

Cruising Items: Anchoring & Mooring Arrangements, Steering Gear,
Engine Installation & Controls, Navigation Lights.
Safety Items: Flooding Prevention, Fire Safety, Appliance Safety, Ventilation.
Onboard Items: Fuel System Safety, Electrical Installation Safety,
LP-Gas Installation Safety.

Pre-Purchase Condition Survey (Type 3)

Aim: As Type 2 plus

  1. Full condition assessment of the vessel beyond safety relevant comments
  2. Statement about insurability as a cruising vessel or as static houseboat
  3. Recommendations and advice regarding the repair, upgrade and maintenance
  4. Good and best practice advice
  5. Statement about security of planned long term investment
  6. Report on findings

Layout: Weather deck & Internal layout, Appliance Inventory.
Fit-Out: Quality & Condition of Fit-Out, Windows & Ports.
Paint work: Quality and upkeep of internal and external finish
Ships Systems: Engine Controls and Instrumentation, Engine & Fuel Installation, Thrusters, Steering System,
Domestic Systems: Sanitation Systems, Heating, A/C Systems, AC & DC Electrical Systems, Appliances & Installation
Safety Items: Alarms, Fire Safety, Flooding Prevention
Navigation Items: Nav. Lights, Navigation Aids & Systems, Safety Items, Mooring Accessories.

Valuation Inspection (Type 4)


  1. Establish current market or replacement value of vessel
  2. List value adding and items distracting form the value of the vessel
  3. General vessel and layout description
  4. Valuation Report

New Build Acceptance Survey (Type 5)


  1. Specification and contract compliance
  2. RCD and BSS compliance
  3. System tests
  4. Sea Trial
  5. Discrepancy list and snagging list
  6. Report on findings if required

Seal Trials (Type 6)

Evaluation and test of all cruising relevant systems while operating the vessel in waters for intended use. Testing engine installation and transmission, thrusters, steering systems, navigation systems and anchoring arrangements. Report on findings.

Barge trials in London Docklands.

Engine Survey (Type 7)

Detailed investigation of engine installation without dismantling of components. Running up to operating temperature, testing in idle and under load. Engine controls and instrumentation. If required: Operating temperature analysis, Oil analysis, Coolant analysis, Compression test, Exhaust analysis Timing.

In depth Engine Trials and Inspections carried out

Electrical System Survey (Type 8)

Full evaluation of electrical installations and systems. Checking of bonding & earthing arrangements, circuit protection and safety. Assessment of system capacity and component sizing. Assessment of wiring and cable installation. Advise on system upgrade and improvement.

Electric propulsion Narrow Boat survey

Sailing Rig Survey (Type 9)

Visual survey of running and standing rigging. Examination of sails and spars. Inspection of chain plates, tabernacles, winches and lee boards. Report on findings.

Vintage Barge rig surveys offered.

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